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Welcome to Castle Keep Pre-School


An especially tailored curriculum leading to approved Early Learning Goals.


Individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio of adults to children.


Fun and friendships with children and adults in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Opportunities for you and your family to be involved in activities and in your child’s own progress.

Why Castle Keep Pre-School?

Castle Keep Pre-school was formed as a trading arm of Allesley Park Community Association Ltd. in September 1994. From small beginnings, we have now grown in both numbers of children and staff to become a thriving, friendly, and very lively preschool.

We provide your child with an enjoyable, stimulating, and educational time and teach them a variety of skills and social graces to help them follow on to their next big adventure – school!

Meet The Staff

Our staff team are a dedicated little family who take a lot of pride in their work, ensuring your child’s day is filled with fun, friendship, educational activity, and learning. Every child has a named member of staff known as a ‘key person’, who will have more contact with your child than any other staff member at the pre-school. The Key person will show a special interest in your child through personal interaction day to day and is likely to be the person you will speak with if you need to discuss any aspect of your child’s care and learning.

The Nurturing Environment

At Castle Keep we have excellent facilities to encourage learning, growth and play. From our classroom spaces to outdoors and nature. Discover more below…


We have a large airy U-shaped room which enables us to provide both continuous provisions and change our environment to follow the children’s interests.

Our room consists of many areas of continuous provision including a home corner, construction area, maths area, graphics table, book corner, technology shelves, messy play area, small world corner, nature and exploration table, and craft space. Resources within these areas are changed regularly depending on the children’s interests or to encourage them to explore new play and thinking.

Play Areas

Our outdoor play area is divided into three parts. Immediately outside the door, we have a covered area which means we can be outside in rain and shine, we can play on the music wall, read in the book shed, or cook in the kitchen.

Next, we have a blue soft fall surface where we can climb, slide, jump on the trampoline or hide in the tunnels.  At the bottom, we have a large road area with all our bikes, scooters, and cars.

Nature Walks

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by green parkland. At the bottom of our garden, we can find Allesley Park Walled Garden and to the side a large spinney. This means we can see large amounts of wildlife including a Heron, Hedgehogs, Squirrels, and lots of birds.

Within the wider garden area, we also have rabbits, ducks, doves as well as a hedgehog rescue on site. In our bug hotel, we find lots of ladybirds and love to dig for worms. We also go for regular nature and listening walks to the park as well as climbing trees in the walled garden.


With a greenhouse and 6 raised beds for growing we make sure we have lots of fruit and vegetables from our garden to cook with and eat at snack time. Potatoes, lettuce, and carrots are our favourites along with herbs from the garden and strawberries and gooseberries from our fruit beds as well as apples from our trees.

We also have a digging bed which the children absolutely love, so be warned your child will come home filthy!  When we have finished planting and playing, we can sit on the benches in the shade of our tree or use our binoculars to see what we can find from the bird hide.

Term Dates

Autumn Term 2023
Wednesday 6th – Friday 27th October

Half term

Monday 6th November – Friday 22nd December

Spring Term 2024

Monday 8th January – Friday 9th February

Half term
Monday 19th February – Friday 22nd March

Summer Term 2024
Monday 8th April – Friday 24th May

Half term
Monday 3rd June – Wednesday 17th July

Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May

Any changes to these dates will be notified in advance.

During the academic year, a total of 195 days are defined as ‘school days’.

Funding is provided for 190 days and the remaining 5 days are reserved for professional training of Pre-school staff.

Summer Play Scheme

Each year we run a playscheme for four weeks of the summer holidays, this will help your child maintain their routines and can avoid your child having to resettle again in September – six weeks is a long time for a child (and you!).  Each child can attend as many or as few of these sessions as you may need although the numbers of children are limited for these weeks.  No nursery education funding is available during this time so fees are payable unless your child has accessed the 30 hours Extended Entitlement and has banked hours.

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities


Parents to D & S (Twins)

In the short time the boys have attended Castle Keep we have seen a huge improvement in their happiness levels, communication, and independence skills and it's all thanks to the staff at Castle Keep.

December 2020

Mum to C (Sen child)

I want to thank all the staff for the effort and care that go’s into looking after Chloe and how wonderful everyone has been helping her settle in, I actually can’t quite believe it. I most definitely appreciate finding the best setting, so I can leave her happy and not worry about her for the first time since she was born.

November 2020

Mum to D, E & M

Darcie still talks about her memories of Castle Keep. It’s an amazing setting and great preparation for school. I will continue to recommend them.

November 2020

Parents to F & F

We can’t thank Castle Keep enough, they really are amazing. These are hard times for everyone, but Castle Keep make it that little bit easier and really do make life a lot happier at the moment for our boys. Every time we drive past Castle Keep the boys shout “Hi Pre-school we love you, see you soon”. Freddy blows kisses and they both talk about all the teachers with a smile on their faces. We as a family appreciate all the extra work they have put in to caring for our children.

November 2020

Child L.

Maxine is helpful, kind and she has glasses and most of all in her heart is only love.

November 2020

Child L.

I like Emma because she is my teacher, she pulls funny faces and gives me hugs.  She is Magical!

November 2020

Parent to M.

Honestly don’t know how it could improve. Engagement is great and Mason has developed fantastically. Just keep up the good work.

July 2020

Parent to E.

Really positive experience, Ellie loves her time with you. Castle Keep makes children feel secure and nurtured.

July 2020

Mum to I.

Isla has enjoyed her time at Castle Keep a great deal. She has been a different child since returning after lockdown and I wish I had sent her back sooner. She loves everyone there; we are so sad it’s nearly time for her to leave.

July 2020

Mum to P.

Although I know Presley is more than ready for Reception thanks to Castle Keep, I will be very sad to say goodbye to all the staff and the facilities as it’s so great. They will always be my first recommendation for a pre-school.

July 2019

Mum to S.

Sophia has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Castle Keep and although looking forward to ‘big school’ she is sad to be leaving. You have prepared the children for the school environment and life in general – helped them learn to share, empathise, grow in confidence and socialise.

July 2019

Parent to T.

Castle Keep creates a safe and welcoming environment that nurtures the growth and education of our children. You make an invaluable contribution that I can’t thank you enough for. You're doing a great job shaping the little people.

July 2019

Mum to R.

Thank you so much for taking good care of Ruby and helping her grow. She has learned so much and made lots of friends. Thanks especially to her key worker, she has obviously worked hard with Ruby to develop her knowledge and understanding. They have a great bond.

July 2019

Mum to O.

Thank you for everything you have done with Oscar. Thank you for the hugs when I have cried, the encouragement, the support, and the laughter. Castle Keep isn’t your average Pre-school, it’s like dropping your child off to a friend and knowing they are safe, loved, and learning the best way

July 2019

Parent to F.

I am so sad that Flynn is leaving but feel so lucky that he has had such a wonderful experience with you all. He has been lucky to attend a setting where he felt safe, secure but above all loved and I cannot tell you how thankful I am.

July 2019